Niaimani Choices Update October/November -2018-


Niaimani Choices Inc. (Niaimani) continues to be an influential nonprofit  organization (501C3) dedicated to building healthy communities with healthy people. — locally, nationally and globally. 

 -Board Update-

Although Niaimani leadership has aggressively addressed quality healthcare initiatives and programs concerning men, women children and Military Veterans, the Board asked that we “step up our game” to address– in a greater way — Quality healthcare practices — to include the ill affects of “opioids” in our society.

 -Moving Forward- 

The use of Opioids in Maryland continues to be a significant item of interest.  

 -Please review-


Opioids reached the highest death total level  “ever” at 72,000 people in 2017 according to updated news reports.   


At Niaimani, we often say, “Good Health is a Matter of Choice, Choose Wisely”.  However, due to the alarming crisis concerning Opioids in our communities nationwide, we have added the theme, “Niaimani Cares: Say no to Opioid abuse — it’s a matter of CHOICE”. 

In conclusion, our Niaimani CHOICES Inc. Board of Directors has seen the terrible effects of opioid abuse on our children, youth, adults, and families — and we are committed to answering the call by raising awareness through outreach and education. 

At Niaimani CHOICES Inc “WE” care and encourage others to also join with us to build healthy communities with healthy people. 

“Do it for self and family”

Visit the Niaimani CHOICES website for news updates — and — to make a donation to help us launch the fight against abuse of Opioids in our society.

From the Niaimani Choices “WE Care” Team,