August 4, 2018

The program was held at the Barack Obama Elementary School in Upper Maryland, Maryland.

James Dula, Executive Director, presents the donation box to William Ayers, Committee Member and organizer.


Niaimani Choices Inc, works jointly with various community partners and government agencies through its “Healthy Hearts = Healthy Communities” Initiative to address healthcare issues ranging from chronic disease and obesity to Fatherhood and Family Initiatives.

Stephanie Anderson, NCI Founder Charlisa Watson, and Dr. James Dula, Executive Director.


“At Niaimani CHOICES Inc, we are a Team of One committed to helping youth, families, veterans and communities through our Healthy Hearts initiative”, said Dula.

Niaimani CHOICES is also dedicated to working with others to build healthy and successful communities.

“We realize good healthcare is a matter of choice. Therefore, the Niaimani CHOICES goal has always been to offer quality healthcare choices through education and support” according to community needs”, said Charlisa Watson,

Niaimani CHOICES remains on a mission to serve communities where families work, live and raise families.

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