August 16,2018:
Dr. W. E. B. DuBois said “We light the path for future generations”.

In the photo above, Niaimani CHOICES Executive Director Dr. James Dula is seen donating clothing to the Adams House in Prince George’s County for women in need of professional dress to pursue employment opportunities.

Also pictured are Mr. Bill Hall, Adams House Director, and Associate NCI Student Member Maxwell Clayton.

The Niaimani CHOICES “Community Sharing Initiative” was organized and led by Board of Directors Member Karla Evans who said ” Each of us must find time in our hearts to help fellow residents by¬† giving of ourselves so they may pursue their goals and dreams”.

Niaimani Choices, Inc, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to “encouraging healthy heart practices, helping students realize their true potential, and by empowering veterans, seniors and community members to live healthier lifestyles.

“Healthy lifestyle practices is a matter of choice and we empower others to make the right choices; and that’s the Niaimani CHOICES mission”, said Dula.

Niaimani Choices also Administers the Prince George’s Fatherhood Initiative. The program employs the theme: Healthy Hearts=Healthy Communities” and includes: Father-2-Father mentoring, Conflict Resolution, Effective Communication Practices, and Domestic Violence awareness.

Niaimani CHOICES Inc was founded by entrepreneur Charlisa Watson, a former Army nurse and current business owner.