August 2018
August is a time when families enjoy the last fun-filled days of summer vacation, a time to make plans for the coming school year, and a time to prepare students for college. And too, it is a month filled with heightened anticipation for new beginnings. 
“Niaimani Choices is committed to building healthy communities by investing in our future today”, said Charlisa Watson, NCI Founder. 
This summer the nonprofit has been busy  collecting and disseminating health information to veterans, youth and families. As students return to rigorous schooldays where time seems to pass too quickly, we recommend they:

A. Create an effective daily and weekly schedule 
B. Plan effectively with time built in to study, sleep, and share quality-time with family. 
C. Construct a healthy menu — especially for breakfast and dinner meals. 

At Niaimani CHOICES we realize students perform best when they eat healthy and sleep an adequate amount of time — generally 7-8 hours per night. 

In the picture above, Dr. Dula discusses with college student, Ciara, the need to plan effectively, incorporate a healthy agenda, and develop achievable college goals. 

“Prince George’s County is progressing in many positive ways economically and socially. Our role at Niaimani CHOICES is to help students and families prepare for challenges they will face ahead by focusing on matters that can be addressed presently”, said James Dula, Executive Director, Niaimani CHOICES. 

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